Falafel Sandwich
Falafel Sandwich - Add Hummus or Baba Ghanouj for an additional 50cents - $10.00
Vegetarian Sandwich
Vegetarian Sandwich - Sauteed Zucchini, bell peppers, Carrots and yellow Squash - $10.00
Gyro Sandwich - with Cucumber Sauce $10.00
Beef Shawarma Sandwich
Beef Shawarma - with Tahini sauce $10.00
Kefta Sandwich
Kefta Sandwich with Tahini Sauce - $10.00
Chicken Shawerma Sandwich
Chicken Shawarma Sandwich - with Garlic Sauce - $10.00
Hummus or Baba Ghanouj Sandwich
Hummus or Baba Ghanouj Sandwich - $10.00
Dill Chicken With Mustard and dill sauce- $10.00
Holy Land Dill Chicken Sandwich with Mustard & dill sauce - $10.00
Beef burger
Beef burger - with Mayo Sauce and Ketchup - $10.50

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