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Feta Cheese and Olives  
Cubes of feta cheese and kalamata olives, drizzled with olive oil $4.00
Pureed chickpea and sesame dip, drizzled with olive oil and served with chili sauce $4.00
Hummus with Gyros meat  
Gyros meat with pureed chickpea and sesame dip, dizzled with olive il and served with chili sauc $5.95
Baba Ganouj  
Roasted eggplant dip, dizzled with olive oil and served with chili sauce $4.00
Pureed fava beans with olive oil, lemon juice , and garlic. $5.00
Stuffed Grape Leaves  
4 pieces grape leaved stuffed with rice that is seasoned with tomato sauce and garcli teamed in lemon juice and olive oil $4.00
Cucumber Salad  
Yogurt mixed with cucumber, parsley, mint, and drill drizzled with olive oil $4.00
2 pieces Spanish and deta cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry $3.00
4 pieces Deep fried chickpea patties, seasoned with garlic, onions, and parsley and served with tahini sauce $3.00
Combo Appetizer  
Hummus, Baba Ganouj, Falafel, Tabouli, Spanakopita, stuffed grape leaved and Jerusalem salad.  
For One ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $8.00
For Two ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $15.00
Lentil Soup  
Vegetarian soup of pureed lentils, carrots, and onions, lightly seasoned $3.00
Greek Salad  
Lettuce tomatoes, onions cucumbers , kalamata ilives and feta cheese served with a light vinaigrette  
Small ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $3.50
Large------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $5.95
Large Greek salad with Gyro Meat sevd with rice or soup and pita bread ----------------------------------------- $8.95
Large Greek salad with chicked ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $8.95
Large Greek salad with shrimp Meat served with rice or soup and pita bread ------------------------------------- $8.95
Parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and blguar wheat with an olive and lemon juice dressing -------------------- $3.95
Jerusalem Salad  
Tomatoes, cucumber, and parsley served with a tahini dressing ---------------------------------------------------- $3.95